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It houses the most important Buddhist Relic – a tooth of Buddha. It is the symbol of sovereignty. During the era of kings , whoever had custody of the Relic had the right to rule the Island. The entire temple complex was part of the Kandyan royal palace surrounded by a deep moat. All worshipers, tourists are expected to wear cloths to cover legs and shoulders and before entering the shrine area has to remove shoes. Tourists love to offer flower at the Shrine. Also, the museum too could be visited.

Unless a tourist is interested in seeing the historical Kandy Pageant , refrain visiting Kandy or lodging in hotel during the months of July and August. But the Herondale Bungalow maintains the same rate in all twelve months.


Few miles away from Kandy one must not visit this historical temple where the woodcraft talent speaks of our great ancestors in the 14th century. The temple comprises many carved wooden pillars. Carving to carving is different. Mostly, swans, eagles wrestling men, and dancing women. These depict of our Ancient Sinhala Art.
The roof itself has significant features. The rafters all slant from above towards the incoming visitor are fixed together and kept in position by a "Madol Kurupawa", a kind of a giant catch pin the like of which we do not find elsewhere. Still our modern technology wonder how this had been done! Our Great Ancestors are Masters in every wise without modern ultra technical equipment. A tourist must visit.


It is in close proximity to Embekke. You find many ancient paintings in this. The building is astonishing! This had been a four storied building built on a rock, but now it is only a three storied building.(14TH Century)


This temple too belongs to the regime of Lankatilake and Ambekke. Built on a rocky outcrop and covered with small pools. A moonstone is found near the doorstep. It is an ancient monastery found on the flat rock at Diggala in the district of Kandy. The chief architect of this temple has been a south Indian, Therefore this temple is essentially a South Indian design. The main shrine room has seated (in Vajrasana) Buddha Statue under a "Makara Thorana" and four standing Buddha images. (14th century)


The descendents of the craftsmen ship of Embekke, you find same crafting on wood and silver in the Naththaranpotha Village. They produce most of the exquisite items, during seasons thousands are being bought specially silver crafted items by the foreigners as souveniers.


The best botanical gardens in the whole world, where you find flowers bloomed in all 12 months which depicts a beautiful coloured picture. In area by area you find different types of huge tropicalized trees, medicinal herbs up to spice garden, colourful creepers and variety of bomboo trees. Variety of roses and most of the flowers which petal out in other countries are found here. There is no season, in all months flowers bloom according to the manuring system. A little fairyland. The world best Orchid House is found here. More than 300 varieties blossom in the orchard.


This is few miles away from Nawalapitiya. It's height is 97 metres. There are bathing spots, unless you find a person in the area, just do not jump into the water, as there are deep places near the rocky streams.


This Fall is too few miles off from Nawalapitiya. It is the 8th highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. The name has made because it provides twin hydroelectricity Power to generate electricity. It is a natural beauty in the wilderness.


This water fall is too few miles away from Nawalapitiya and commonly known as the "Little Niagara" of Sri Lanka. It is one of six water falls affected by the Upper Kotmale Hydropower Project. This fall cascades over three rock outcrops into a large pool running through a tea estate.


15 minutes drive to the spot from the Bungalow. Bridge on the River Kwai was filmed here. The Rafter's Retreat Management organizes for the customers. They organize water hiking and bird watching too.


It's a beautiful, silent strange world, an undulating plateau over 2000 m high covered by wild grasslands and interspersed with patches of thick forest, rocky outcrops, filigree waterfalls and misty lakes. The plateau comes to a sudden end at World's End. Few leopards and more Sambar deers are seen at dawn. Best bird watching area.


A stunning escarpment drops almost straight down for 880m.. Misty rainy seasons from April to September, visitors must refrain as they cannot see the majestic fall. The best hour is early morning 6.00 a.m. 10 a.m. Though its chilly, it is warm and visitors must wear a hat and comfortable in trousers. January to March are the best. Avoid Saturdays and Sundays as there are many locals are found. When you are at the top where the terrain is seen, you must lie flat rather than standing and watching down below. Though you are up in Nuwara Eliya you see the Ratnapura Valley below.

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