Herondale Estate Bungalow - History

Herondale Estate Bungalow is a privately owned 25 acre estate bungalow accommodates an upper limit of 10 guests. When you are there, you could go back to the coffee cultivation era in ancient Ceylon in 1850's while enjoy the flavour of our fresh Ceylon Tea!

It was the British who had conquered the highland interior of Ceylon and successfully commercialized coffee as the first hugely successful export crop from Sri Lanka (then Ceylon).

Due to the British only concentrating on the cultivation of a single crop, i.e., coffee without shade, the conditions were created for a devastating fungus. This was the well-known coffee blight. This coffee blight ruined the plantations and forced the British to find other crops they could export.

Herondale Estate was one of the Coffee estates affected with coffee blight disease.

Nature trails wind through our blossoming private estate. Abundant species of exotic flowers, birds, insects, butterflies and small mammals are easily viewed from the bungalow.

The spacious & warm bungalow at Herondale Estate is just right for those who want to escape from the harsh city life, but not from the conveniences of home. The bungalow is located in the rising and falling highlands of Central Sri Lanka at changing altitudes.